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Janice Snow commented that, "I absolutely love to prepare and enjoy good food and decided to join Bertrand's gastronomic tour to France because I'd never been there. I felt his trip was going to be something very special which it was!
Though I would have liked to see more sites, the trip was fabulous! I had the opportunity to sample different food and wine that was beautifully presented in the meals our group enjoyed, especially our very fine dining at the Hotel Meurice in Paris.
The French people were very friendly and greeted us with great warmth whether it was in the exciting fast-paced City of Light or the relaxed southern area of the country. Bertrand also offered a uniquely personal element to the trip by sharing his family and friends and their way of life with us.
With him as host, I felt great appreciation for his offering and delivering one of the most memorable, interesting, organized and enjoyable trips I have ever taken. It was a five star experience!"
"Bertrand gave us extraordinary adventures in dining, meeting his family and friends and exploring the sites of France, Kathleen Schafer and her husband said about their tour to France with Bertrand.
His philosophy of Savoir Bien Vivre couldn't have been better expressed than our meal at Meurice's restaurant in Paris. The connection we shared that night during a marvelous meal that lasted almost 5 hours was a tribute to the truest meaning of friendship and sharing the Good Life."
"Bertrand became an instant friend to each of us who had never met one another before the tour. He opened his world in such a remarkably intimate and inviting way," commented Cheri Rudolph who was a guest with her husband, James, on a recent tour with Bertrand.
Considering all the experiences we had, the cost of the trip was hardly enough payment for the magic he created for us. He gifted us with a trip to remember for a lifetime."
"Bertrand took our group to places the average tourist would never have known," said Sue Tong.
"Among the activities we did was being greeted in Paris with a champagne reception hosted by his aunt and uncle, the Comte and Comtesse de Fry, in their spacious art-filled apartment overlooking the Seine and Place de la Concorde.
I enjoyed every experience and came home with fond memories of the warm and gracious French people, outstanding meals and the dream of going on another tour with Bertrand in the future."
Sarah Williamson remarked that, "The red carpet was rolled out for us everywhere we went and it was great to be immersed in the French lifestyle.
On the rare occasion we'd arrive a little late at a crowded restaurant, we were immediately seated because the restaurant personnel were friends with Bertrand and went out of their way to accommodate us.
A champagne reception hosted by Bertrand's parents at their manor in Normandy was also a very special and memorable gathering.
Meredith and Mark England-Markum commented that, "The tour with Bertrand was the first of its kind for us - a true gastronomic and travel adventure. Joining a group of people we had never met before gave us an opportunity to get to know one another almost instantly.
We were never rushed through a meal or on a visit to an interesting place. The choice of accommodations Bertrand arranged for us was superb, the regional food was wonderful - everything was simply great."
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